COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Europe) Company, which is based in Hamburg, Germany, has been established in February 1989 as one business section of COSCO Europe Company. On the 1st of January, 2005, the former COSCO Group established the former COSCO Container Lines Europe Company (address: Herrengraben 74, D-201459 Hamburg, Germany), registered capital of 1,500,000.00 EUR, the registration date being the 30th of November, 2004, planning to enter the category of listed companies regarding the container business in Europe, West Africa and North Africa. On January 11th, 2017 the Name has been changed to COSCO SHIIPPING Lines (Europe) Company. Now it is the business administration regional platform for COSCO SHIPPING Lines in Europe and North Africa, in charge of the integration of the former COSCO SHIPPING Lines in these regions regarding business administration and business expansion, thus being an important constituent of the worldwide network of COSCO SHIPPING Lines business. Momentarily, the company disposes of 17 national sub agencies, which are in charge of the cargo canvassing for the Asian-European shipping routes by the authority of the shipping lines’ general headquarter, marketing as well as development of the market and related tasks. At the same time, they are also responsible for operating the Atlantic Ocean shipping routes as well as North –West European and Mediterranean shipping routes, all together 15 liner services. The business quantity of the independently operated regional shipping routes within the European Region is rapidly increasing every year by an annual rate of 70%.